Teenager Loses His License For Life!

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A Rhode Island teenager loses his license for life. Seventeen-year-old Lyle Topa returned to court yesterday after an October 23rd car crash that injured himself and three other Chariho High School students. One of the students remained in a coma for weeks after the accident. Apparently, Topa was driving on a suspended license when he lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree.

Judge William Guglietta, who presided over the case, wasn't taking the matter with a light heart. He thought it necessary to send a message to the teenager, so he revoked the boys privilege to drive for life. He was not afraid to hand down what he called, "...the most strict, most drastic penalty this court can order.”

The teenagers were coming from a party late in the evening and afterword, Topa admitted to authorities that he was going about 55 in the 35 mile per hour stretch of road.

Assistant Attorney General Jay Sullivan, who prosecuted the case commented to Topa on the day of sentencing:

“I’m trying to save your life,”

“We didn’t think one of your friends was going to make it,"

“Thank God there were no fatalities,

Sullivan only recommended that Topa only lose his license until he was 21. The judge wasn't buying it, and he dealt a much swifter sentence. Topa can always appeal the decision or apply to have the sentence reduced at a later date. So be warned if you're a reckless driver, this teenager loses his license for life!

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