Teen Mom 2 Star Celebrates 22nd Birthday In Style


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My, how time flies when you're on a reality show.

That's what Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin might say, as she celebrated her 22nd birthday over the weekend.

For those that don't watch the show, Teen Mom documents all of the trials teenagers deal with when they become pregnant and decide to keep the baby, and most times the hard times outweigh the good ones by far.

And although Lowry-Marroquin doesn't exhibit the same amount of personal dysfunction on the show that the other cast members exhibit, she hasn't made the best decisions for her or her two children.

For example, she met and moved in with a guy in a matter of months, right after she found out she wasn't going to reconcile with her child's father. Then without even considering her child's father's feelings, she tried her hardest to move hours away from him, and seemed only to think of what's best and most convenient for her, instead of what's best and most convenient for her child Isaac.

But that didn't keep Lowry-Marroquin from having a good time this past weekend, as she celebrated her 22nd birthday with friends and in laws, and posted a few photos on her Instagram account to share. Apparently, her husband Javi helped to organize the birthday celebration along with friends.

"Thank you for this picture," wrote Lowry-Marroquin. "And thanks to my husband and friends for setting up this dinner! I love you all so much. I hadn't seen you guys for over a month and you all made this weekend perfect."

In a recent interview, the Pennsylvania native said it was important for her to find a man that would love and appreciate her son as much as he did her, and if that wasn't the case, she couldn't be that person.

"I talked about how if Javi wanted to be with me, he had to be with Isaac, said Lowry-Marroquin. Then Javi said, 'I now have the honor of holding both your hands to become one.' It was like he was marrying both of us."

Image via Facebook