Teen Gives Judge The Finger, Sentenced To Jail

Amanda CrumLife

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An out-of-control teen has recently learned that life is not like an episode of "Maury"; when you act out, you don't just get sent to an angry ex-Marine for tough love. You get fines, jail time, and internet immortality.

Penelope Soto learned the hard way that when you talk back to a judge, things go quickly downhill. After being arrested for drug possession in Miami, Soto appeared before Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat only to giggle, play with her hair, and roll her eyes at him. It may have been an attempt to disarm the judge with girly cuteness, but it failed miserably. After an initial bond set at $5,000, Soto gave a catty, "Adios" and walked away...only to be called back and have her bond upped to $10,000 for her contempt. Astounded, Soto asked if he was serious, and when he replied he was, she gave him an angry bird and told him to f*ck himself.

The punishment for her attitude? 30 days in jail.

Amanda Crum
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