Teen Girls Beat 13-Year-Old, Post Video to Facebook

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There's a life tip that exists, and it's more important than any you'll hear today. Forget an apple a day or beer before liquor. This one is tailored to the modern age.

Kids: If you beat the crap out of someone, don't post a video of it to Facebook.

CBS News reports that the video shows 14-year-old GlennaLynn Marie Santos and 15-year-old Keanna Beaver hitting 13-year-old Jaden Sanders in the face. According to police, Sanders didn't fight back and simply tried to protect herself/get away.

Sanders reportedly suffered bruises and a black eye.

The two teens took the video with a cellphone and then posted it to Facebook just 27 minutes after the incident occurred.

Strangely, the two teens willingly turned themselves in to police after contacting a KIRO 7 reporter on Facebook.

"We're willing to do the time...We're turning ourselves in because we know it wasn't right," said the young girls.

The two girls claim the the attack was a retaliation, but police aren't buying it. Of course, they have the video evidence to support that feeling.

You can check out a portion of the video inside the local news broadcast below:

Last year, in a much more brutal but similar incident, three men were charged with first-degree murder after they beat a 62-year-old disabled man to death and then posted the video to Facebook.

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