Ted Cruz Reveals How He Would Change Obamacare

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Ted Cruz, the conservative Texas Senator who announced his intent to run for president this week, says he'll replace the Affordable Care Act with a different healthcare system if he makes it to office, calling it the "single largest job-killer in this country".

Cruz sat down for an interview on CBS This Morning on Tuesday and shared his ideas, saying he simply wants to "tell the truth".

"My plan is to speak the truth and to defend the common-sense conservative values. I think millions of Americans recognize the path we're on, it isn't working, and they're looking for a change that they want to get back to free-market principles," Cruz said.

As far as Obamacare goes, the plan has been heavily criticized by both parties, and Cruz says that good health care reform means keeping the government out of the equation.

"Five years ago, maybe good faith reasonable minds could have differed on whether Obamacare might have worked. At this point, it is the single largest job killer in this country. We need health insurance reform but reform should expand competition, it should empower you, the consumer and patient, keep the government from getting between you and your doctor, and we need health insurance that's personal, that's portable and affordable. I think that's what most people want."

Despite dismal numbers from polls in early-primary states, Cruz says he plans to win the race by using the same plan he's used in the past.

“The only way we win this race and — more importantly than that — the only way we turn the country around is if we energize and mobilize an army of courageous conservatives. The core of this campaign will be at the grass roots,” Cruz told the Washington Post.

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