Ted Cruz Didn't Lock Up TedCruz.com, and Now He's Getting Trolled

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Someone is trolling Ted Cruz.

Fundraising likely began a while ago but begins in earnest today, as Senator Ted Cruz has announced he's officially entering the 2016 Presidential race. It might behoove the Senator to use some of that money to gain control of TedCruz.com.

Check out TedCruz.com. Here's all that's there:

It's unlikely this is the from the official Ted Cruz 2016 platform.

Ted Cruz has failed to lock up TedCruz.com. He has locked up domains like TedCruz.org and TedCruz2016.com, however. But the most basic of URLs for anyone looking to find out more about the candidate is not under his control.

In fact, he couldn't have snagged it - as of February of 2008.

That's when someone last bought the domain, which has been active since 2004. The WhoIs directory doesn't specify who bought it, but Mother Jones says it's an attorney from Arizona who just happens to share the name of a Republican Presidential candidate.

And he's been trolling Cruz for some time – at least a year. At one point, the TedCruz.com landing page said "Coming Soon Presidential Candidate I Luv CHRISTIE!!!!!!"

The Daily Dot points out that our unnamed attorney from Arizona isn't the only one trolling Cruz. TedCruzforAmerica.com redirects to healthcare.gov. That domain was purchased earlier today.

Just ask Sarah Palin and Chris Chrisite – If you're a public figure you need to do everything you can to secure your domains.

Image via Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons

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