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Java Ransomware Spotted In The Wild

A Java-based ransomware that targets the software market and education sectors has been spotted in the wild by Blackberry.

5G Shows Its Importance To Nation During Pandemic: GA. City Manager
5G Shows Its Importance To Nation During Pandemic: GA. City Manager

%%excerpt%% We’ve had 5G here for over a year and not only has it not unveiled anything that caused us concern but as this pandemic has happened it’s actually shown its importance to the nation even more so than before says Peachtree Corners, GA. City Manager Brian Johnson.

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HPE Warns Firmware Bug Will Brick SSDs Without Update

For the second time in two years, HPE is warning of a firmware bug in its SSD drives that will brick them unless an update is applied.

Hackers Targeting Unpatched Windows Bug

Microsoft has issued an advisory warning that hackers are using a new, unpatched bug to target Windows users.

Cybersecurity - Image by VIN JD
Shadowserver, Protector of the Internet, Needs Help

Shadowserver is a non-profit many have never heard of, yet it plays a vital role in protecting the internet. Now it needs helps to survive.

Cloud Computing
Coronavirus: Pandemic Boon to Cloud Providers, Doom For Legacy Companies

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, it’s proving to be a defining moment for cloud computing. At the same time, it could spell doom for legacy companies.

Windows 10 - Image Credit: Microsoft
Windows 10 Crosses 1 Billion Device Threshold

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 is now installed on 1 billion monthly active devices.

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Coronavirus: U.S. Internet Can Handle Increased Work-From-Home Load

Experts are saying the U.S. internet should be able to handle the increased stress of millions of Americans working from home as a result of the coronavirus.

Visual Basic
All Good Things…The End of Visual Basic Nears

One of the most widely used programming languages is nearing the end of its life, as Microsoft starts winding down Visual Basic.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison
Cloud Business Powers Oracle’s Quarterly Results

Oracle announced its quarterly results and its cloud business was the star of the show.