Team Fortress 2 Propaganda Posters Want You!


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Team Fortress 2 is a fascinating first person shooter game that debuted on the PC and Xbox 360 as a part of the Orange box in 2007. The free to play game has an almost obsessive fan base but it has been dwindling. SO how do you go about getting people to keep playing or start playing your game? Propaganda posters? That was Valve's idea when they launched a Team Fortress 2 Propaganda contest.

A guy named Jeff Axer from the United States entered one of his posters and ended up winning. He created 6 posters in all, with a different class on each poster.

Check out each poster with a little bit about the paintings from Jeff Axer as well:


"This was my submission to the Valve TF2 Propaganda contest, which got lucky and took first place. I also made it as a spray for TF2 so it would end up useful regardless and cover the soldier class. For those who do not play TF2 the general idea here was that the poster would convey the soldier class vs the demoman class. The demoman, during one of his taunts, will show his crotch from under his crotch guard and it shows a smiley face picture (which the soldier holds here). It's just another way of saying kick him in the nuts. Nothing complex."


"This one features the meeeeeedddiiiiiiicccccc! DOCTOR! It would make more sense as far as most players go to have him with the blutsauger or ubersaw, but it makes for a nicer image to have the good ol' bonesaw that you see so rarely now."


"This one features the black Scottish cyclops, of which he is the last. He's drunk, you don't have an excuse!"




"What's that, sandvich? 'Kill them all'? GOOD IDEA!!"


"This one happens to be of a gentleman, one perhaps who never really was on your side."