Team Fortress 2 Invades Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed On The PC

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By most accounts, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is one of the better kart racers in recent memory. It's hard to see how the developers, Sumo Digital, could make the game any better, but make it better they did.

Sega announced today that the PC version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformer has a few nice bonuses for those who were waiting for this specific release. Valve has partnered with Sega to include characters from Team Fortress 2 in the racer. Not every character were invited to the races, however, as it's just the Heavy, Pyro and Spy who pilot different transformations of the same vehicle.

Alongside the characters from Team Fortress 2, the PC version of the title will include two other characters from Sega's critically acclaimed PC franchises. The first is the Tactician from the publisher's extremely popular Football Manager series. The second is the Shogun from Creative Assembly's Total War series.

PC players have had to wait almost two months to get Sega's latest kart racer since its original release, but these new characters make the wait worth it. If that isn't good enough, however, the PC version of the game will only cost $29.99 when it launches on January 31.

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