Taylor Swift's 5th Album Will Debut Next Year


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Taylor Swift has won countless awards, and has even been nominated for several Grammy awards, this year for her fourth studio album Red. While Red was a huge success, Swift talks about how she wants to make her next album, due out next year, even better.

During recent interviews with Billboard and Entertainment Weekly, Swift opened up about her ideas for her fifth album, and how she is really enjoying collaborating with different artists.

"I'm really loving collaboration right now," Swift told Billboard . "I see it as a bit of an apprenticeship. I want to be around people who love writing songs and have done it for years. Every time I'm in a studio I'm learning, like how to build a drum track, and getting a new perspective on things. It's so thrilling to keep learning on your fifth album."

Swift describes each of her albums as a reinvention, and says she likes it when the fans don't know what to expect. "As soon as (an album) comes out I'm figuring out what the next one will be. It's gotten to the point where each one is a reinvention, which is what I like best. I like it when it sounds new and people don't know where you're going to go next."

While Swift doesn't give many details for her upcoming album, she did hint around at what her inspiration, for the album, will be this time around. "At the core of what I do, it’s always going to revolve around a confessional storyline and filling my fans in on what my life has actually been," Swift explains. "It’s become this lifeline between me and my friends and they know that no matter what they read in some magazine, they’re going to hear the actual accounting of it when the album comes out. I’ve always written songs for the same reason — to sort through my emotions. As I grow up, the lessons I learn in love and relationships and how we treat each other are hopefully maturing — hopefully."

Image via Wikimedia Commons