Taylor Swift Talks New Album 1989

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Taylor Swift has been accused of writing just one type of music, but she says her new album is different from her Red album that was released in 2012.

Swift has said in the past that her mood inspires her music and she said that because she was going through a lot of stuff when Red was being recorded, it is a sadder album.

Swift recently talked about her new album on the Kiis FM breakfast show with Kyle and Jackie O.

"I'm in a much different place in my life. The last album was very much kind of devastated, pining away, sad because, you know, that's what I was going through," she said.

Taylor had just broken up with Harry Styles while recording Red and many of the songs on that album reflect her feelings during the breakup. She said that while recording her most recent album, she was feeling strong and independent and wrote songs that show her new attitude.

"This album comes from a place of strength but subtly, it's not like `I'm a strong independent woman' but you can kind of feel that as an undercurrent throughout the record," she said.

"I've been basically living my life on my own terms," she added.

Swift's new album was a real treat for fans and she was so proud and excited about it that she even invited a few lucky fans to her various homes to listen to the album with her. Swift didn't just pick some random people to hear the music, she said she carefully selected the fans.

"I actually picked every single one of the people who came over to my houses in every single one of the sessions ... I wanted them to be people who had been dedicated for years and had really put in extra effort so I could surprise them and meet them for the first time and say thank you," she said.

How do you think Swift's new album, 1989, compares to the album Red?

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