Taylor Swift Speaks Candidly About Her Musical Evolution


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Taylor Swift has made a number of public appearances over the past two weeks.

Just last week, she stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC's Good Morning America, and NBC's The Voice. She'll also be making an appearance on The View on Wednesday, Oct. 29.

Although most fans have witnessed the evolution of the "Love Story" singer, hearing what she has to say about it is far more interesting.

According to the LA Times, the 24-year-old singer spoke openly about her ever-changing musical evolution.

"I think if you respect, admire and love a person — or in this case, a musical community — you'll be honest with them and very upfront about what's happening," she said.

The "Begin Again" singer reflected on how far she's come, citing the first notable changes in her career with her 2012 hit single "I Knew You Were Trouble."

"Looking back, I think when 'I Knew You Were Trouble' spent seven weeks at No. 1 on the pop singles chart, a lot of the world should have seen that as a warning flare. It showed that this part of my music is really working, and it's something I'm really passionate about," Taylor explained.

Although she's known for her country music flare, she expressed that she feels fans may not have been shocked by her transition into pop music.

"I don't think the country music community was shocked that I made a pop album," she added. "I think they were shocked that I was honest with them about it," the Red singer said.

However, she admitted she did fear how her musical evolution would be perceived by fans. "There was this huge fear that they may be about to hear an album from me that sounded alien to them," she explained.

So, how will fans react to Taylor's new album? If her first single, "Shake It Off," is any indication how the album will fare, it'll definitely be a big success.

Taylor Swift's fifth studio album, 1989, was released on Monday, Oct. 27.