Taylor Swift Left Los Angeles Because of Selena Gomez?

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Taylor Swift seems to be loving her big new move from Los Angeles to New York City. Taylor, 24, has been seen with new gal pals Lorde, Katy Perry, and Lena Dunham after her and former BFF Selena Gomez parted ways. There's plenty of speculation on just why Taylor left LA for NYC - was it due in part to her falling out with Selena? Apparently, the famous friends have a disagreement over Selena's boyfriend Justin Bieber, whom Taylor publicly disapproves of. Looks like Selena chose Justin over Taylor, and she had enough. But was it enough to spark a move?

It may have influenced Taylor's decision, but really, it was the city itself that Taylor was drawn to! Swift is currently writing her next album and wanted to be inspired by New York during that process. Hollywood Life reports: "Taylor feels very creative when she’s [in NYC], it’s inspiring her to create. It’s such a different head space than Nashville or LA, she loves all three places but right now New York is more her speed.”

We can definitely tell Taylor's loving New York - she's been spotted out and about nearly every day in stunning outfits for trips to the gym, dinner, and shopping with her new friends. Selena who?

Although she seems to be loving her independence, we're all secretly hoping that Taylor and Selena will reconcile. With Justin Bieber cozying up to Kylie Jenner, looks like Selena's left out in the cold, and might need pal Taylor by her side. Hollywood Life says, “Taylor’s hopeful that they will eventually be friends again. She misses Selena, but she’s not interested in being friends with her if Justin's in her life. Taylor thinks he’s like an addiction for Selena and she’s not going to enable her. This is tough love, but for sure Taylor still loves Selena, she always will.”

Only time will tell! One things for sure - we'll be dying to hear how New York plays into Taylor's songwriting, and if any of the Taylor/Selena/Justin drama will play out in a new song. Let us know soon, Taylor!

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