Taylor Swift "Did Not Fit" At Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


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Taylor Swift has been dissed badly by a model who was also a part of the fashion show that Victoria's Secret held on Wednesday. While some people have said that the country singer had a rocking performance, and stole the show, model Jessica Hart said in an interview at an after-party that the country singer simply did not fit with the event.

Hart is a model for Victoria's Secret, and while she says that she thinks that Taylor Swift is great, for some reason she just did not feel that Taylor Swift was able to fit in at the fashion show.

Taylor Swift took the stage as the musical entertainment of the evening, and she sang her songs as the models walked down the runway in their sexy outfits. She tried out modeling a bit herself in some extravagant outfits, and was criticized by Hart after the show.

The event was held on Wednesday at the Lexington Armory in New York City. Before she opened up at the after-party to Women's Wear Daily, the Austrailian model admitted that that Swfit was great, but soon revealed, "I don’t know, to me, she didn’t fit. I don’t know if I should say that. I think what you find is that for a lot of us, we’ve been working for 14, 15 years; what it takes to make it here comes from experience and confidence and knowing how to be confident with yourself. I think it comes with age."

It is hard to tell where she is coming from with this type of statement, but it does not seem like it would take 15 years to become a model, and Taylor Swift has certainly accomplished a lot in her short career already.

Do you think it was right for Swift to be at the event? Would Taylor Swift be able to pull off being a Victoria's Secret model? Share your thoughts.

The show will not air until December 10th, when fans will finally be able to judge her performance, but other attendees at the show reported that she sang her song "I Knew You Were Trouble," and was well-received by the audience.

Taylor Swift has been hailed for her voice throughout her career. On this occasion, she attempted to combine her vocal performance with a modeling stint, and while some people say that she succeeded, Jessica Hart had other things to say about it.

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