Taylor Swift Cuts Off Signature Long Locks [PHOTO]


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When it comes to a celebrity's clothes or hairstyle, there are tons of people around the world that either pay close attention or decide to mimic whatever style that person is using. I mean, remember the whole Jennifer Aniston haircut thing in the 90's? It seemed that women form coast-to-coast wanted that particular hairstyle called the "Rachel."

And in 2014, nothing has changed, because if a singer or actor, for example, cuts their hair and goes with a new look, there's a good chance that look will be imitated to the tenth-degree, as some folks don't really care about having a style of their own--they just want to attach themselves to the latest trend.

So it'll be interesting to see if Taylor Swift's new haircut will cause people to head to their hairdresser and change their look.

Because while on the European leg of her Red Tour, the 24-year old chopped off her famous long locks for a much shorter look, and replaced the blonde dye for a reddish-brown color. Taylor posted a photo of her new do standing next to fellow pop star Ellie Goulding, who's become huge in the UK off of her new single "Burn."

"London, I could never thank you enough," wrote Taylor alongside the photo. "See you next time! PS: Short hair, don't care."

When it comes to giving others fashion advice, Swift says the best thing to do is keep it simple and try not to follow too many trends. That way, you won't see a photo of yourself years from now and say 'what on earth was I thinking.'

"I think the best option for what to wear is something that won't make you cringe in 20 years, like passing trends," she said in an interview with Yahoo.

"When everybody's wearing neon, I'm not. When everybody's got spikes on everything, I'm not doing that. When everybody's trying to look tough, I'm not. When you ignore fads and just wear what you like that's classic and simple, I think that's the way to go for longevity as far as style is concerned."

Image via Wikimedia Commons