Taylor Swift: Boyfriend Kidnapping Rumors Aren't True

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Taylor Swift has made a lot of headlines lately regarding her boyfriend, Conor Kennedy, and an alleged wedding crash that sent rumors spiraling all over the web. Now, she's addressing them in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, saying it was all a big misunderstanding.

News reports recently said that Swift missed her boyfriend so much, she had a private jet pick him up without telling his parents. The New York Post quoted a "source", saying, “Taylor missed Conor so much, she sent a plane for him a few days later. He’s been with her ever since, and his family doesn’t know when he will be back. Things have become so serious between them so fast that no one in Hyannis Port would be surprised if they eloped.”

Swift responded to the allegations incredulously, saying, "How did I kidnap him?! You can't kidnap a grown man! These are serious accusations, now! It's an interesting way to spin something into a story. See, this is why I don't read stuff."

Despite the news that the Kennedy family has grown very fond of Swift, rumors soon began to fly that she and Conor crashed the wedding of a Kennedy family member, confirmed by Kathie Lee Gifford on "Today".

"He got in touch with her an hour earlier and said, basically, 'Can I bring my girlfriend?' " Gifford said. "[It was] a beautiful sit-down dinner that had been planned for months."

She later said she wasn't sure that Swift knew she hadn't been invited, but the damage had already been done. As for Swift, she says she has no idea what happened.

"I think that story was based on the biggest misunderstanding, 'cause I would never knowingly show up somewhere that I thought I wasn't invited to," she told Rolling Stone. "And I would never want to upstage anybody."

Amanda Crum
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