Taylor Swift and Sarah Hyland: Mother and Daughter?

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Taylor Swift and Sarah Hyland were out together recently--attending a Broadway play--when it occurred to Hyland that they looked like a straight-laced mom and her rebellious teenaged daughter. Swift wore a rather conservative pink coat while Hyland dressed like someone more the ages of the two ladies.

It was while the pair was en route to see Under My Skin at The Little Shubert Theatre that it occurred to the girls that they were actually dressed like complete opposites.

It was then they decided that an Instagram photo was definitely a necessary part of their evening.

"We decided we were dressed like a [straight]-laced mom and her rebellious teen daughter. #YouDon'tUnderstandMeMom!!! #StormsOut #ComeBackHere,YoungLady!" Taylor Swift captioned the Instagram photo.

It's quite clear that by the time the notion of taking the photo came along that both Taylor Swift and Sarah Hyland were playing up their faux roles to the hilt.

Of course it was completely necessary for two photos to be taken--the second one for posting on Sarah Hyland's Instagram page. This one was captioned, "When your mom gives you "the finger"... #donttellmewhattodo @taylorswift."

It seems some fans took their play acting very seriously and even asked the Modern Family star if she was serious about what she had said about Taylor Swift. She set them straight about the fun they were having.

Taylor Swift is in the habit of dressing far more conservatively than many young women her age, but she always manages to look fun, flirty, and very classy. Sarah Hyland is far more the norm, however, in her jeans and her black leather jacket.

Which style do you like best?

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