Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Feud Is About To Get Worse, '1984' Gets Registered

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The Taylor Swift – Katy Perry feud has lasted longer than some families did in Game of Thrones, and without the body count.

It’s an open secret that Swift’s “Bad Blood” is about her feud with the 30-year-old Perry and now that the track has dropped and is reigning supreme, fans were wondering what Perry’s next move would be.

The answer appears to be “1984”, a title track that the “Firework” singer recently registered at BMI.

Some keen eyes at the music licensing board were quick to notice the track and to come up with their own conclusions about the song and who it’s intended for.

After all, it can’t be a coincidence that Perry (or the songwriter) will come up with a title that is suspiciously like Swift’s highly –acclaimed album 1989.

But who knows, maybe fans are just reading too much into this. Maybe the song is about something else that happened on that year.

It might not even be about Taylor and fans are just projecting how they think the sultry songstress should retaliate, because she has more or less said that she will.

“If somebody is trying to defame my character, you’re going to hear about it,” Perry promised in one interview.

An insider says that fans will definitely hear about it and confirms that “’1984’ is without a question a diss track.”

The feud has gone on for so long that some people don’t even know that the two singers were once fast friends, posing together during awards shows, exchanging cute tweets and even guesting on each other’s shows.

But all that seemed to change in 2012 when Perry started dating John Mayer, one of Swift’s well-known exes.

While the digs were still subtle at first, the 25-year-old Taylor drew first blood when she slyly hinted that Perry was the inspiration for her hit “Bad Blood”. Or at least, she described it as being about a female artist who was mean to her.

However, the “Shake it Off” singer was more forward in a Rolling Stone interview when she wondered if she and Perry “were friends or not.”

Things apparently came to a head when Perry apparently “did something so horrible.”

Some might say it was Perry stealing Mayer away from Swift, but it was apparently over some backup dancers.

Needless to say, the feud has since moved on to video format and fans are eagerly waiting how bad the burn would be once Perry unleashes it.

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