Taylor Kinney's Ex Claims He Cheated on Her With Lady Gaga

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Taylor Kinney’s ex-girlfriend claims that he cheated on her with his now fiancée Lady Gaga.

Brittany Sackett told the Daily Mail that she caught Chicago Fire'sTaylor Kinney and Lady Gaga caught them when an accidental phone call was made to her phone from Kinney and she overheard the two of them in the middle of a make out session.


“Taylor pocket dialed me at 2.30 in the morning. I could tell it was intimate conversation, I could hear kissing, muffled sounds and I recognized Lady Gaga’s voice,” said Sackett.

Hackett said her instincts immediately kicked in and she just knew what was going on.

“You have your instincts as a woman. Whatever he was doing shouldn’t have happened while we were in a relationship,” she said.

Brittany Sackett, 30, said she never said a word to anyone about the pocket dial.

“In that moment I was super sad, I was pi**ed. I never saw it coming. My boyfriend was making out with Lady Gaga – it sucked. I felt betrayed, who wouldn’t? I wanted to see how it played out, but later I saw one of his friends and he said to me, ‘You know what’s going on with Taylor and Lady Gaga right?"

“Sadly I did," she continued. "Eventually I met with Taylor and he said he was really sorry but I didn’t want to hear any of his excuses. I told him how I felt, I told him he should have been honest so I didn’t have to find out through his friend.We talked about how we were weren’t a match for each other and we agreed to go our separate ways.”

Although Brittany Sackett says she is over the anger, the pain of the betrayal lingers.

“It was really unexpected, everything was going well and I wish he had come to me first and said he had this connection with her. It wasn’t fair to me, his lack of honesty. It’s weak-willed when you don’t have the guts to come clean like a normal, honest human being, I think I would have respected that. I’d like to think he’d do it differently now, I’m sure he’s changed and he’s learned from it. I forgive him.”

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