Tax Season 2012: Avoid Online Scams

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For years, online scammers have been taking advantage of people at tax time. Many people look for ways to get their tax refund back as quickly as possible.

Legitimate tax return prep offices and other businesses offers "refund anticipation loans", whereby you have your refund sent to their bank account and they give you most of it in advance in cash. But, these kinds of services do place restrictions on who they will offer loans to, based on any tax offsets due, filing status changes from prior years, etc.

But, since these services are highly-advertised and have become commonplace, people are falling prey to scams that offer such services. These scams are blended with high-tech methods of phishing and information collection that go further than tax season. One scam even asks for your mother's maiden name, which is a common identifier when resetting or revealing other passwords.

Learn more about these scams, how to spot them, and how to report them.

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