Tattoo Shop Mixes Technology, Art In Help-Wanted Ad

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A tattoo shop in Istanbul has come up with a unique way to weed out serious potential employees from the ones who just think it'll be a fun job: their help-wanted ad merges a QR code with inking skills, so the candidate has to prove they can ink a straight line before they even get into the interview process.

A QR code--short for Quick Response--is a sort of 2-D barcode that can be easily photographed or scanned as a digital image. Placing a pale one in their ad for tattoo artists, Berrge Tattoo asks applicants to fill it in, snap a pic of it, and send it to their email address to be reviewed if they want to be considered for an interview.

Of course, it takes a lot more skill to be a tattoo artist than just inking in some boxes, but this is a creative way for a shop to single out who they might be interested in. Take a look.

Images: Instagram/The Inspiration

berrge tattoo

berrge tattoo

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