Day After Christmas Sales Grow

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It's no Black Friday, but the day after Christmas is what many shoppers call the 2nd busiest shopping day of the year. Some will have gift cards to spend while others are returning those gifts that just didn't quite work. Whatever reason gets you out and inside of a store doesn't matter - you're a potential buyer now. And retailers are trying their best to cram in as many more sales before the new year comes as they can.

Forget the old days where you just went with your grandmother to shop for deals on Christmas decorations for next year. Retail giants and small businesses alike are offering deep discounts and giveaways just to get you in the door. They want you to get out that $50 gift card and end up spending $150 because you just can't pass up that sale. Plus, who wants to pack it all up again? I don't like putting my own Christmas trinkets up, let alone an entire store full of them.

Big box stores such as Walmart offer discounts ranging from 25-50%; Kmart gives their "Shop Your Way" members 50 cents off per gallon of gas; Target even has all of their toys marked at 50% off.

Department stores like Macy's and JC Penney's do a buy one get one free sale and $10 coupons.Kohl's stands out by telling shoppers that if they spend over $100 they'll be privy to a 20% off discount throughout the majority of the entire store.

And don't forget to stop in and see your local small businesses. Many times these retailers will not have copious amounts of floor space in their buildings and use this day to display a big CLEARANCE SIGN in hopes that shoppers will clear out all of the old merchandise.


It really doesn't matter WHERE you shop, only WHEN. So get to whatever store you have a gift card to and enjoy their selection of sales the day after Christmas. And don't snatch up ALL of the super cheap Christmas decor - there's enough for everyone.

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