Taraji Henson Talks "Empire" Character And Fashion

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Taraji Henson has an amazing sense of style off-screen and is always on point.

But, Taraji Henson's character on the immensely popular show, Empire, is even better at taking fashion risks and winning.

Taraji Henson recently told W magazine that people love Cookie and her fashion sense because she's familiar to many.

Taraji Henson said of her character, “They want Cookie. They see her heart. They see her intentions. And they love her style — her style is 17 years behind the fashion curve, which makes the clothes a character on the show.”

That is highly accurate! Cookie's fashion is a big reason that fans keep coming back to Empire.

Taraji Henson explained Cookie's fashion evolution. She said, “As Cookie grows, you’ll see her fashion grow. And people love that — she’s a work in progress. The only thing that never changes is her spirit: To me, Cookie is living, breathing, walking truth.”

Classy elevator ish! From Monte Carlo

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Surprisingly, Taraji Henson admitted to the magazine that she almost turned down the role of Cookie!

She said, “I was like, ‘This is stupid. Hip-hop — dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. But then I started to think, ‘Cookie is going to piss so many people off! She hits her son with a broom; she talks back.’ Clearly, this was a challenge.”

It's a good think Taraji Henson decided not to turn down the role, after all! I just can't imagine anyone else in that role.

What do you think about Taraji Henson's fashion sense as Cookie?

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