Tara Reid's Alleged Attacker Found Not Guilty


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Tara Reid was allegedly attacked in a night club in November 2012 while celebrating her birthday. According to Reid, Maryam Hassan hit her in the face with a glass during an altercation. Reid said that she feared she had been blinded by the glass. Before the attack, Reid and Hassan had been arguing and at one point threw their drinks on each other.

Reid described the attack in a police report saying,

"I noticed a female who kept approaching the table a few times. … She came up to me and threw the contents of her drink over my chest. I reacted immediately and threw my drink over her. … She went crazy; she went psycho like Naomi Campbell. … It was so quick, she stood close to me within arms length, and smashed the glass in my face."

Reid also claimed to suffer from a corneal abrasion caused by the attack and said that she had to see a plastic surgeon as a result of the injury. Hassan is a good friend of British footballer Carlton Cole and also works for his charity.

Charges were pressed against Hassan, but she was ultimately found not guilty. Reid did not attend the court hearing in London, but Hassan reportedly cried tears of joy when she found out she had been acquitted of the charges. Reid has not released a statement regarding the acquittal.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.