Tara Lipinski Honors Jimmy Fallon On Ice as The Dude

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Tara Lipinski honored late night host Jimmy Fallon this week as he finishes up his job as host of Late Night. She did so in a hilarious skit on ice, where she channeled 'The Dude' from The Big Lebowski. It aired while Tara was a guest on Fallon's show.

Dressing in a bathrobe and carrying a White Russian while skating is no small feat, but Lipinski pulled it off flawlessly in honor of Fallon, who will soon go on to host The Tonight Show as Jay Leno retires from that spot later this week. Her drink was what 'The Dude' in The Big Lebowski drank.

Despite being significantly older than when she won Olympic gold at 15 back in 1998, Tara Lipinski still has amazing moves. 'Moves' seem to be an appropriate theme while guest starring on late night TV shows this week, as one host moves out and another moves on.

The music used in her ice skating skit came straight from the movie, too. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) was no doubt playing over and over in Tara's head (and maybe Jimmy Fallon's, too) for days!

Lipinski tweeted word of skating with a White Russian, a la The Big Lebowski, to her fans.

She shared the following Instagram photo, too.

Jimmy Fallon used Twitter to call Tara a "rock star."

Tara Lipinski is now in Sochi, reporting on Team USA at the Olympics. Hopefully she catches a break, enjoys a nice cold White Russian, and gets that song out of her head in time to watch the Team USA skaters bring home the gold, as she did as a teenager.

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