Tamara Ecclestone Celebrates 30th Birthday

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Tamara Ecclestone turned 30 on Saturday and enjoyed her first birthday as a mother.

While some celebrities choose to leave their children with a sitter or family to go out and celebrate their birthdays with elaborate adult-only parties, Ecclestone chose to include her baby daughter Sophia in her party.

Baby Sophia was the star of the show and looked adorable as usual.

She was dressed in a pink Babygro which read 'Happy Birthday Mummy I Love You'. Ecclestone's birthday gift even starred Sophia, a new bespoke iPhone and iPad cases featuring photos of the baby.

Ecclestone shared photos of her birthday party on Instagram.

Ecclestone is very dedicated to her family and says that becoming a mother is the best thing that has ever happened to her. She and husband met in 2013 and only dated for a month before they were engaged. They were married in March of the same year and gave birth to Sophia in September. They were very excited to become parents.

"Our engagement has been very sudden and I get that there are people who won't understand that and will read things into it," Tamara said during an interview. "But my response to that would be, When you know, you know."

"The thing is, I'd heard people say that before and I'd never really understood it, because I hadn't experienced it for myself. But when I met Jay, I just knew this was the man I was going to marry."

Baby Sophia is no doubt the apple of her mother's eye and is already stylish at a young age.

What do you think of Ecclestone's relationship with her baby daughter Sophia and do you think she and her husband will have any more children?

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