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Tag: Zune

Microsoft’s Zune Completely Dead Now
Microsoft first released the Zune as its competitor to Apple’s iPod in 2006. While the device looked promising at the time, it just didn’t...
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Would You Pay $100 For A Year Of Xbox Music?
The Zune failed, and Microsoft is ok with that. Besides, it’s not like Zune is really gone. Microsoft is just rebranding it as Xbox Music. It...
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Microsoft Will Pull The Plug On Zune Tomorrow
Does anybody remember the Zune or the Zune HD? Microsoft’s answer to the iPod wasn’t exactly the epitome of success due to a number of fac...
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Xbox Music Kills the Zune Marketplace
Yesterday, Microsoft used its big E3 press conference to show off more than just video games. Along with SmartGlass, Internet Explorer on the Xbox 360...
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Microsoft Planning E3 Preview Of New Music Service
Is Microsoft about to make a big push into the digital music space? Yes, Microsoft has Zune, but the only problem with Zune is that…wait, what&#...
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Windows Phone Marketplace Losing Zune Software Support
All the major smartphone operators – Apple, Google and Microsoft – allow users to download apps from the Web or the smartphone itself. Mic...
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Why Is iTunes Trying To Be Like Zune?
An interesting storyline has made it to Techmeme. Apple’s iTunes slogan is strikingly similar to the one Microsoft uses for Zune. This revelatio...
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Microsoft May Be Planning New Music Service
Microsoft has never had much luck in the digital music space. Their Zune service was relatively ignored and I don’t know a single person who use...
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Microsoft Points May Be No More
Do you hate Microsoft Points? … That’s what I thought. It’s a good thing then that they may soon be out. Inside Mobile Apps is reporting tha...
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