Windows Live Messenger Users Should Start Preparing For Skype Assimilation

Microsoft announced last month that Messenger would be merging into Skype on March 15. That’s not exactly the case anymore as Microsoft has extended the deadline by a month. That being said, Microsoft really thinks you should start moving to…

You Have Until March 15 To Make Your Peace With Messenger And Move To Skype

Beginning late last year, Microsoft started to merge its legacy Messenger service into Skype. It didn’t make sense for Microsoft to have two communication platforms, and Skype is a better brand for the company to invest in. Still, Microsoft gave…

Microsoft Really Is Axing Windows Live Messenger In Favor Of Skype

A rumor started going around yesterday that said Microsoft would be retiring its 13-year-old Windows Live Messenger client. All Messenger users would be shepherded into Skype so Microsoft could unite its IM clients under one brand. Microsoft wouldn’t comment on…

Microsoft Rumored To Be Axing Windows Live Messenger In Favor Of Skype

Windows Live Messenger has been Microsoft’s IM client for the past 13 years. It has served the company well, but it might a little redundant now that Microsoft also owns Skype. It appears that Microsoft is thinking the same thing.…

Microsoft Kills Windows Live Branding

With Windows 8 just around the corner, Microsoft is re-thinking where its cloud services will fit into the mix. As a result, Microsoft has decided to kill the “live” branding it places around those services. In its place will be…

The Pirate Bay Blocked By Windows Live Messenger

The Pirate Bay has been attacked repeatedly in the past few months by various countries and ISPs attempting to block access to them. The site may even be blocked by the UK in the very near future. The tracker is…

LinkedIn Gets Integrated with Windows Live Messenger

LinkedIn and Microsoft announced today that Windows Live Messenger users can now link their Windows Live profile to LinkedIn. There are four main areas Microsoft says its focused on with its LinkedIn integration. These are:

– Keeping your contact list organized with auto contact linking across Hotmail, Messenger and the rest of Windows Live

– Helping you use Messenger to keep up with what your LinkedIn contacts are doing.

– Making it simple to share updates from Messenger to your LinkedIn contacts.

Windows Live Messenger iPhone App Gets Over a Million Downloads in 5 Days

Microsoft launched its Windows Live Messenger app for the iphone last week. Today, the company has announced that in only five days, the app was downloaded by over a million people.

MySpace Comes to Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger

MySpace has announced integration with Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail. The beta integration is rolling out to mutual users of the two services starting today.

"By integrating core features of both platforms, users will be able to discover what their friends are doing online through photos and the activity stream across social networks," says MySpace’s Manu Rekhi.

Microsoft Previews New Windows Live Messenger Beta

Steve Ballmer just previewed the new Windows Live Messenger beta during his "Five Dimensions of Cloud Computing" speech to students at the Universidade de Sao Paulo in Brazil. Windows Live Messenger has over 320 million active consumers every month who send 10 billion messages to one another every day, a Microsoft representative tells WebProNews.