Content Curation: What Does it Take to Be Successful?

WebProNews had a little Q&A with Kate Brodock, the Executive Director of Digital and Social Media at Syracuse University about content curation on the web. She will be giving a talk on this subject at BlogWorld next week, but we…

Demand Media Talks Pluck 5 Discovery, Exchange & Management Engines

This week, Demand Media announced Pluck 5, the latest version of its social platform, which is used by some pretty big brands, such as AARP, Kraft, NFL, NPR, Target, USA Today and Whole Foods. In addition to launching some new…

Will Everyone Be Using 100% Web-Based Signatures in 4 Years?

Last month, Adobe announced that it had acquired EchoSign, a provider of electronic signatures. WebProNews recently discussed the evolution of e-signatures and cloud-contracting and the future of the technology with EchoSign’s Founder and former CEO Jason Lemkin (now working for…

Augmented Reality To Become Our Sixth Sense?

Late last month, augmented reality developers Layar announced that it was making its platform available to all developers of iOS apps, opening the door for a lot more innovation and practical use-cases for AR technology. "All apps and services that have a location aspect can now easily and without license costs be enhanced with an AR view of their content," Layar co-founder, Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald told WebProNews. "It fits with the new trends within the AR industry, which is the democratization of this new medium – lowering the barrier to enter the new realm of AR."

How IntoNow Plans to Monetize Your Conversations About the Shows You’re Watching

A new startup called IntoNow has been generating some buzz with a social TV app for the iPhone/iPad. Founder and CEO Adam Cahan told WebProNews about how it works, and why users will find it useful for entertainment content discovery based on what you have in common with your friends’ viewing habits. 

Why It’s Easier for a Startup (Than For Google) to Take Action on Content Farms

A couple weeks ago, we reported that DuckDuckGo had followed its own blocking of content farms (like eHow) by promoting content from wikiHow. This begged the question: how much better is wikihow’s content? We had a conversation about that with Jack Herrick, founder of wikiHow (and one-time owner of eHow).

DuckDuckGo Founder Makes the Case For His Search Engine (vs. Google)

Gabriel Weinberg, founder of alterative search engine DuckDuckGo sat down to talk with WebProNews about what people can get out of DuckDuckGo that they can’t get from the Google experience. 

"I’m not anti-Google," he says. "I know that they take privacy very seriously, and I respect what they’re doing, but they’re doing a few things that – one they can avoid, and one they can’t avoid – and both of which, we don’t do."

The FTC Endorsement Guidelines a Year Later

As you may recall, about a year ago, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) set some guidelines into motion, concerning endorsements and testimonials. The main point of these guidelines was to ensure full disclosure when people lending endorsements and testimonials receive any kind of compensation from the marketer or advertiser. 

The Daily Deals Industry in 2011

The daily deals industry is an exciting space to watch right now, as evidenced by Google’s recent $6 Billion offer to buy Groupon, Amazon’s $175 million investment in LivingSoical, Facebook’s recent launch of Facebook Deals, and all of the other competitors looking for a pie

Optimize Press Releases For Customers, Journalists And Bloggers
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