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Tag: Webmaster Help Videos

Matt Cutts Talks Having Eggs In Different Baskets
In today’s Webmaster Help video, Google’s Matt Cutts has to explain that Google always adjusts its search results, and always has, and why...
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Matt Cutts On Geo-location: Just Treat Googlebot Like Every Other User
In the latest Google Webmaster Help video, Matt Cutts responds to a question about geo-location: Using geo-detection techniques is against Google, I a...
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Google Gives Advice On Making Your Site Available In More Languages
Google has released a new video aimed at helping webmasters make their sites available in more languages. The latest Webmaster Help video comes from D...
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Google: Don’t Use Nofollow On Internal Links
In the latest Webmaster Help video, Google’s Matt Cutts discusses the use of rel=”nofollow” on internal links, addressing the follow...
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Matt Cutts Talks Duplicate Content Once Again
Google’s Matt Cutts has a new video out about duplicate content, a subject he has discussed many times in the past. If you have a site that you ...
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Matt Cutts On When Nofollow Links Can Still Get You A Manual Penalty
Today, we get an interesting Webmaster Help video from Google and Matt Cutts discussing nofollow links, and whether or not using them can impact your ...
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Google’s Matt Cutts Talks Auto-Generated Pages
Google takes action on pages that are auto-generated, and add no value. You probably know that. Google talks about this kind of content in its Quality...
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Why Google Can’t Answer All Of Your Questions About Your Site
In a new Google Webmaster Help video, Matt Cutts talks about why Google can’t answer all of your questions. He responds to the following questio...
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Can Google Really Keep Competitors From Harming Your Business?
Some webmasters aren’t convinced by Google’s “solution” to negative SEO. Wasn’t Google’s Disavow Links tool suppos...
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Cutts Talks Web Spam Fighting In International Markets
In today’s Webmaster Help video from Google, Matt Cutts discusses the search giant’s efforts in web spam fighting around the world. Many o...
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Cutts: We Will Give More Info In Link Messages Over Time
Google’s Matt Cutts says webmasters can expect Google to expand the amount of info Google provides in Webmaster Tools messages related to manual...
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Matt Cutts Talks About Duplicate Content With Regards To Disclaimers, Terms/Conditions
Google’s Matt Cutts has put out a new Webmaster Help video once again discussing duplicate content. This time it’s about duplicate content...
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Matt Cutts Talks About Site Downtime’s Impact On Rankings
Google has released a new Webmaster Help video with Matt Cutts addressing the question: If my site goes down for a day, does that affect my rankings? ...
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Linking Practices That Annoy Matt Cutts, But Don’t Make A Difference To Google
Google posted an interesting Webmaster Help video today about linking. It’s basically about whether it’s better to link to an original sou...
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Google Webmaster Tools API To Soon Let You Retrieve ‘Search Queries’ And ‘Backlinks’ Data
Today’s Webmaster Help video from Google includes something of an announcement. Matt Cutts reveals that the company is working on some upcoming ...
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Should Google Penalize Content For Using Stock Images?
Use stock images on your site? Soon, you may find that it is hurting your rankings in Google. Maybe. Do you think rankings should suffer when content ...
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Google Declares That It Does Not Hate Albania
Today’s Webmaster Help video from Google is an interesting one. It’s essentially Matt Cutts saying that Google does not hate Albania, afte...
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Matt Cutts: Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong With ‘Disavow Links’ Tool
Google’s Matt Cutts recently talked about Google’s Disavow Links tool in the comments of a blog post, in which he suggested using it more ...
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Google Will Continue To Improve How It Handles Authorship, Look For Other Ways To Use It
Over the past couple of years, it has become abundantly clear that authorship will continue to play an increasingly important role in how Google deter...
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Google Insists Panda, Penguin Not Designed To Increase Its Revenue
Google put out a new Webmaster Help video, featuring Matt Cutts once again talking about “misconceptions” in the SEO industry. You may rec...
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