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Tag: Webmaster Help Videos

Google Talks Determining Quality When There Aren’t Links
Google has a new Webmaster Help video out talking about how it looks at quality of content that doesn’t have many links pointing to it. Specific...
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Matt Cutts Talks Google Link Extraction And PageRank
In a new video, Matt Cutts, Google’s head of webspam, discussed how Google views two links with different anchor text on one page pointing to th...
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Google: Small Sites Can Outrank Big Sites
The latest Webmaster Help video from Google takes on a timeless subject: small sites being able to outrank big sites. It happens from time to time, bu...
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Google’s ‘Rules Of Thumb’ For When You Buy A Domain
Google has a new Webmaster Help video out, in which Matt Cutts talks about buying domains that have had trouble with Google in the past, and what to d...
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Cutts Talks SEO ‘Myths,’ Says To Avoid ‘Group Think’
In the latest “Webmaster Help” video, Matt Cutts talks about SEO “myths”. He responds to this question: What are some of the b...
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How To Make Videos Like Matt Cutts’
The latest “Webmaster Help” video from Google isn’t so much a webmaster help video, but a discussion about how they actually make th...
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An Update (Kind Of) On How Google Handles JavaScript
The latest Google Webmaster Help video provides an update on where Google is on handling JavaScript and AJAX. Well, an update on where they were nearl...
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Matt Cutts Does His Best HAL 9000
In the latest “Webmaster Help” video, Google’s Matt Cutts takes on a question from “Dave,” who asks, “When will yo...
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Matt Cutts On How To Get Google To Recognize Your Mobile Pages
Google has a new “Webmaster Help” video out. This time Matt Cutts discusses optimizing for the mobile web. Specifically, he takes on this ...
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Matt Cutts Was ‘Trying To Decide How Sassy To Be When Answering This Question’
Google has put out a new “Webmaster Help video” with the title “Can sites do well without using spammy techniques?” That’...
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Google’s Cutts Talks EXIF Data As A Ranking Factor
Google may use EXIF data attached to images as a ranking factor in search results. This isn’t exactly a new revelation, but it is the topic of a...
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Cutts On How Much Facebook And Twitter Signals Matter In Google Ranking
Google put out a pretty interesting Webmaster Help video today with Matt Cutts answering a question about a topic a lot of people would like to unders...
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Google: Your Various ccTLDs Will Probably Be Fine From The Same IP Address
Ever wondered if Google would mind if you had multiple ccTLD sites hosted from a single IP address? If you’re afraid they might not take kindly ...
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The Latest From Google On Guest Blogging
The subject of guest blogging has been coming up more and more lately in Google’s messaging to webmasters. Long story short, just don’t ab...
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Google Gives Advice On Speedier Penalty Recovery
Google has shared some advice in a new Webmaster Help video about recovering from Google penalties that you have incurred as the result of a time peri...
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Matt Cutts Talks Content Stitching In New Video
Google has a new Webmaster Help video out about content that takes text from other sources. Specifically, Matt Cutts responds to this question: Hi Mat...
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Cutts Talks Disavow Links Tool And Negative SEO
Google has put out a new Webmaster Help video discussing the Disavow Links tool, and whether or not it’s a good idea to use it even when you don...
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Cutts: Use Schema Video Markup For Pages With Embedded YouTube Videos
There is a lot of webmaster interest these days in the impact schema markup has on content in search results. Today’s Webmaster Help video from ...
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Matt Cutts On Creating More Content For Better Google Rankings
You may think that having more webpages increases your chances of getting better Google rankings. Well, you might be right. Kind of. This is the topic...
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How Google Evaluates The Merit Of A Guest Blog Post
It’s Matt Cutts video time again. This time, he answers the question: “How can I guest blog without it looking like I pay for links?”...
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