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All Websites Should be Using AMP
John Mueller, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google in Switzerland, confirmed what everybody is thinking, Google and the AMP Team ultimately intends fo...
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New Google Tool To Test Your Sites Mobile Performance
Google launched a new tool today called “Test My Site” at The tool helps you find out how well your site w...
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Facebook Sets Date For F8, Expands It To 2 Days
Facebook announced the date for its next F8 developer conference. Not only that, but it has doubled the time it’s giving to devs, extending the ...
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Mozilla Teases Browser For Developers [#Fx10]
Mozilla has a new browser specifically dedicated to developers coming out soon. It will be unveiled on November 10th. Mozilla teased it with a brief v...
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Yahoo Stops Development On User Interface library
Yahoo announced that it is stopping development on the Yahoo User Interface library (YUI). It’s been around since 2005, and was launched to the ...
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Use Of C Programming Languages May Be On The Decline
The C programming language family is some of the most popular on the planet. Just looking at the TIOBE Index, we see that C, Objective-C, C++ and C# a...
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Full Screen Mario Attracts The Ire Of Nintendo
In 1990, John Carmack ported the first level of Super Mario Bros. 3 to the PC to prove that side-scrolling graphics could be done on the platform. He ...
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XML Found To Be Just As Fast As JSON
Since its introduction in 1996, XML has taken the world by storm by providing an easy to use markup language that’s used in everything from RSS ...
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Adobe Recommends Reinstalling Java To Fix ColdFusion Installer Errors
Java is a basic requisite for many Web applications. Unfortunately, Oracle sometimes pushes out an update that either lacks proper security fixes or p...
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PHP 5.5 Updated, Version 5.3 On Its Way Out
PHP is the weapon of choice for many Web developers. It’s a good thing then that the team behind it has been very diligent with its releases. In...
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ASP.NET Sees Further Enhancement In Visual Studio 2013 Preview
For a while now, developers have been able to test drive the latest Visual Studio as part of the Visual Studio 2013 Preview. Like any good preview, Mi...
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ColdFusion Whitepaper Details Future Iterations In Software Roadmap
Adobe is making headlines this week with its controversial decision to discontinue development of Creative Suite in favor of Creative Cloud, but that&...
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Unity Game Engine to End Flash Support
It appears that Apple has been right all along that Flash is not the future of the web. Unity this week announced that it will be phasing out support ...
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PHP Upgraded To Version 5.4.14, PCRE Library Merged
Those who use PHP are in for a treat this month as the development team has released updates for both the current and old versions, 5.4 and 5.3 respec...
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Showcase Your Knowledge With Mozilla’s Open Badges
For the past few years, Mozilla has been working on a project called Open Badges. You can think of the project like merit badges for the Internet. It ...
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ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 Now Available
The world of Web development is changing rapidly. To keep up, Microsoft has been making incremental changes to ASP.NET. The latest update to the frame...
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Tips On Building A Better Web Site From The Pros
On February 9, developers from all over the world converged on London for the Edge Conference. The show hosted a number of talks, featuring developers...
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SignalR Is The Latest And Greatest Tool Available To ASP.NET Developers
In November, Microsoft announced a number of features coming to its ASP.NET Web application framework over the next few months. One of the more promin...
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HTML5 Is Now Feature Complete, W3C To Start Focusing On Interoperability
Many people will tell you that HTML5 is the future, while others will say that it’s not going to happen. The biggest proponent of and main archi...
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Mozilla Launches Developer Toolbar In Firefox 16
Mozilla has launched a new feature with Firefox 16 called the Developer Toolbar, which comes with what Mozilla calls the Developer Command Line. This ...
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