EU Regulators Set to Approve Google/Fitbit Deal

Following concessions by Google, the EU looks ready to approve its acquisition of Fitbit.

Google Fails to Stop Full-Blown EU Fitbit Investigation

It appears Google’s efforts to prevent an investigation into its Fitbit acquisition have been unsuccessful, with the EU ready to launch a full antitrust probe.

Google Vows Not to Use Fitbit Data For Advertising

In an effort to prevent the EU from challenging its Fitbit deal, Google has committed to not using Fitbit data in its advertising.

Apple Watch Outsells Entire Swiss Watch Industry

It may only represent a small percentage of Apple’s revenue, but the Apple Watch has already beat the entire Swiss watch industry by a large margin, according to Strategy Analytics. According to the press release, Steven Waltzer, Senior Analyst at…

2020 Could Be ‘Breakout Year’ For Apple Wearables

According to, Jefferies analyst Kyle McNealy believes 2020 may be a “breakout year” for Apple wearables. Apple’s Wearables unit has been growing increasingly important for the company, as AirPods, AirPods Pro and the Apple Watch have become must-have devices…

Filings Reveal There Was a Bidding War Over Fitbit

Fitbit made news recently when it was announced that Google would be purchasing the wearables firm. According to CNBC, it appears Facebook was also interested and “bid several times to acquire” the company. An SEC filing referred to “Party A,”…

Apple Is Trying To Be A Subscription Company

They were a phone company, they were an ecommerce company, and now they’re trying to be a subscription company. You see that in their services and their service numbers. They have the largest distribution system on the planet probably other than Google. If they commit to it there is no reason they can’t be successful.

Amazon Will Soon Add Alexa to Wearable Devices

Amazon’s digital assistant is branching out. In a January 5 announcement, Microsoft revealed a new developer kit aimed to help device manufacturers integrate Alexa’s functions into their wearable devices, which will essentially create a new, mobile version of the popular…

Crowdfunded Ion Belt puts a complete smartphone recharge around your waist

​Portable battery boosters are a great idea. Trouble is you’ve always left them at home when your phone decides to haemorrhage its last 20% of battery and leave you in the lurch. This Kickstarter project is looking to solve that…

Fashion brands up the smartwatch game with designer Android Wear watch faces

​Already tired of your smartwatch’s limited array of customisation options? Yeah, us too. Well, Google has partnered with a number of fashion brands to bring a new mix of designer Android Wear watch faces to the mix and bolster those…