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Tag: Weapons

Instagram Prohibits Influencers From Promoting Tobacco, Vaping & Weapons
Instagram has long had rules restricting advertisers from promoting tobacco, vaping and weapons, but influencers have been exempt from those restricti...
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Arizona Shooting Range Instructor Shot By 9-Year-Old; Should Kids Be Allowed to Handle Guns?
A shooting range instructor from Arizona died on Monday after being shot accidentally by his 9-year-old student. Charles Vacca was training the girl t...
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We Need to Talk About the TSA’s Batsh*t Insane Instagram Account
No, I don’t want to talk about how you feel about the TSA. I know the TSA harasses old ladies and makes cute little children cry. I know the TSA...
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F-35 Fighter Jet: Popularity Rising
The Lockheed Martin Corporation is bracing for an onslaught of potential international demands to purchase several dozen F-35 fighter jets. This Tuesd...
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‘Dark Souls II’ Armor Forged by Real Blacksmith
Though Dark Souls was most well-known for its high difficulty curve, fans of the series know that the weapons and armor in the game are some of the bi...
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Panama Detains North Korean Ship, Finds Hidden Weapons
A North Korean ship traveling through the Panama Canal on its way from Cuba has been detained, and Panama is claiming to have found undeclared weapons...
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Illinois: Concealed Carry OK’d by 2nd Prosecutor
Whether the Governor of Illinois decides to allow it or not, carriers of concealed weapons in two counties of the state will not face prosecution for ...
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54 Loaded Guns At Airports This Week, TSA Says
There’s nothing travelers like to hear more right before a holiday weekend than a bunch of weapons being confiscated at airports across the coun...
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Jameson’s ‘iPhone Knuckles’ Look Pretty Brutal
Weaponized iPhone accessories are nothing new, but it’s rare that we get to hear about them in cases involving celebrity assaults. Web entrepren...
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These Are The Weapons Of Borderlands 2
The first Borderlands taught us that the planet of Pandora was very dangerous. Various weapons vendors capitalized on that danger by selling weapons. ...
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This Enormous Robot Comes With Twin Gatling Guns, Can Be Controlled With A Phone
Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry has created this monster. It’s a 13-foot tall robot that shoots water bottles like rockets, comes with t...
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US Army Trying To Harness Weapons Grade Lightning
Zeus may have had it right after all. The god of thunder uses lightning to strike his opponents down and now the United States Army is trying to harne...
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Free Mass Effect 3 DLC Available Tomorrow
With the amount of post-launch updates Bioware is coming out with, it almost seems like they forgot to finish making the game before release. They alr...
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Assassin’s Creed 3 Weapons Profiled
A few weeks ago there was a major leak about Assassins Creed 3 and where it was going to take place. Then the trailer and screen shots came. Now since...
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