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Amazon Threatens Employees Speaking Out Against Its Climate Policies
The Washington Post is reporting that Amazon has warned at least two employees for speaking out against its climate policies. In September, Amazon CEO...
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Twitter Gets Rid of 70 Million Fake Accounts in May and June, Cracks Down on Trolls
Twitter has been aggressively suspending false accounts in a bid to curtail the spread of fake news. The company’s massive crackdown on trolls and b...
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Under Bezos, Washington Post Has A New Way To Make Money
Last year, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post. Now, the newspaper is moving forward with a new revenue stream, and it’...
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Bezos’ Washington Post Puts Amazon Affiliate Links In Articles
Over the weekend, some observers noticed that the Washington Post, which was purchased by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos last year, was featuring Amazon “...
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Marijuana Legalization: The White House Fights Back
One by one, states are taking matters into their own hands and legalizing marijuana in one form or another. For some, it is for medicinal purposes, co...
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Marijuana Legalization Spikes Teen Use? Nope.
For many years, there were several arguments that anti-legalization forces leaned on to keep pot at bay, medicinal or otherwise. One by one those argu...
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Eric Shinseki Resigns Amid Growing VA Scandal
Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned today amidst the scandal that exposed widespread failings in the healthcare system for military vete...
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Erykah Badu Sings “Happy Birthday” To Monarch
It’s very strange for someone who labels themselves as a “community activist” and “conscious spirit” to sing “Happy Birthday” to a monar...
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Edward Snowden Interview With Washington Post
In a recent television message from Edward Snowden – his comment “I’ve already won” undoubtedly has people talking. Edward Sno...
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The Implications Of Bezos’ Purchase Of The Washington Post
As you’ve more than likely learned by now, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is buying The Washington Post for $250 million. The news was announ...
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The Washington Post Plans to Go Behind a Paywall This Summer
Today, The Washington Post announced that they will be the latest publication to put some content behind a paywall. The move will take place some time...
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Digg Parted Out, Sold For Significantly More Than $500,000 [REPORT]
Late yesterday, we told you that once-popular link aggregation site Digg had been sold to Betaworks, the company behind,, and Chartbeat...
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Digg Engineers Join Washington Post and SocialCode
At the beginning of the month we reported that there was some type of deal going on with Digg’s tech and engineering team and the Washington Pos...
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Washington Post Hires Digg Tech Team
Some thought it was going to be an acquisition, others thought it would just be talent acquisition, but it turns out, the Washington Post is just hiri...
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Facebook Testing “Trending Articles” in User News Feeds
Mashable is reporting that Facebook has begun to test a “Trending Articles” feature in user news feeds. The feature inserts articles from ...
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Google Favored More Than Apple, Facebook, & Twitter
This just in: nobody is really sure how exactly they feel about tech companies. Following last week’s LA Times/USC Dornsife poll found that most...
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Washington Post Masthead On A Chinese Government Publication
Freedom of speech — and thus, consequently, freedom to advertise — are fundamental principles of a free democracy and a thriving capitalis...
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Google Buys Ads Defending, Explaining New Privacy Policy
Sometimes you hear the military or sports metaphor “the best offense is a good defense.” That would seem like a fit strategy for most situ...
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Sarah Palin’s Emails To Be Released
The long-delayed trove of digital correspondence between Sarah Palin and about fifty state officials will finally be released tomorrow. Many are anxio...
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