Google Releases Chrome 88 to Fix Zero-Day Vulnerability

Google Chrome users should immediately update to version 88, as the update fixes a vulnerability that is being actively exploited.

Exposed Credentials Leave 100,000+ Zyxel Firewalls and VPNS Vulnerable

A researcher at Dutch security firm EYE has discovered a critical vulnerability in Zyxel’s firewall and VPN gateways, as a result of exposed credentials.

Google Goes Public With Vulnerability After GitHub Drug Its Feet

Google Project Zero (GPZ) has disclosed a serious vulnerability in GitHub’s Actions feature, after the version control platform drug its feet fixing it.

Qatar Demonstrates Danger of Contact Tracing Apps

A major security vulnerability left Qatari citizens open to having highly sensitive, personal information stolen.

Microsoft May Have Been Right About Thunderbolt Amid Security Concerns

A researcher has discovered seven critical security vulnerabilities with Thunderbolt that impact Windows, Linux and, to a lesser extent, macOS.

Sophos Issues Hotfix For Firewall Zero-Day Being Actively Exploited

Sophos has issued a hotfix for its XG Firewall to patch a zero-day exploit that was being actively exploited by hackers.

Apple Says iOS Mail Vulnerability Poses No Immediate Threat

Apple has said a recently discovered iOS Mail vulnerability poses no immediate threat and a fix is coming soon.

iOS Mail Flaw May Have Left Users Vulnerable For Years

Researchers have discovered a flaw in the iOS version of Mail that may have left countless iPads and iPhones vulnerable to data theft.

Adobe Urging Users to Upgrade to Address Critical Vulnerability

Adobe is urging Creative Cloud Desktop Application customers running Windows to upgrade immediately to prevent hackers from deleting their files.

100,000 WordPress Sites Vulnerable To Being Wiped

To make matters worse, this vulnerability is being actively exploited. WebARX has already stopped over 16,000 attacks attempting to exploit the plugin.