Microsoft and Twilio Join Forces To Offer Communication APIs

Skype changed the way we communicate online by offering an easy and affordable way to call anybody on a land line or other Skype users. Microsoft bought Skype last year to pump money into the development of more Skype products.…

VOIP Company Now Lets You Port Landline Number

netTALK.COM, Inc. announced today that it now supports local number portability (LNP), enabling customers in the U.S. to keep their existing landline phone number. Anastasios ‘Takis’ Kyriakides, President and CEO of netTALK, says: “Keeping your own number is a pivotal…

Infographic: Daily Skype Life

What’s it like being a person that uses Skype? Are you apart of the crowd or on the loner side of the fence? Is there a much larger Skype community at play than many would suspect? If their “direct from…

Skype Tackles the Home Phone Market

Surely, this news will please E.T., right? Oh, wait. That’s “phone home,” not “home phone.” What we have here is a device that allows would-be Skype users to access the service from their home phone. That’s right. No longer are…

VoIP Market to Grow to $40 Billion by 2015

Internet calling and communication is getting increasingly popular, according to a new report from research firm Point Topic. The report found that voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) now has more than 120 million subscribers globally.

Google Looks to the Crowd to Take On Microsoft and Skype

Google was already starting to compete with Skype a little, by releasing things like video chat within Gmail, but Gmail is only a small segment of people in the broader landscape of web users. Now Google is thinking bigger, and…

Vonage Co-Founder on the Social Revolution

I think we can all agree that the world is in the midst of a social media revolution. Social media not only plays an integral role in our personal lives, but it is also a critical component in our professional environments.

TMobile Brings VoIP To Facebook

While the future of TMobile may still be undecided, at least in relation to the AT&T merger, that hasn’t prevented the company from moving forward on various projects. The latest involves bringing free Voice over IP services to Facebook, which…

Skype Breaks Record with 29 Million Users Online

Skype has broken a new record, hitting 29 million people online. On Skype’s "Big Blog", Peter Parkes writes:

We’ve passed another milestone – at approximately 1800 GMT yesterday, there were more than 29 million people online on Skype. Another record broken, and an opportunity for us to remind you that you can get Skype in all sorts of places – on your computer, on your mobile and even on your TV.

Hacker Gets 10 Years For $1.4 Million VoIP Theft

The first person ever charged with hacking into Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks and reselling  VoIP services was sentenced today to 120 months in prison, United States Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced.

Edwin Andres Pena, 27 transmitted over 10 million minutes of unauthorized phone calls over the victim’s networks.