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Google Just Renamed The Chromecast App
Google announced that it has renamed the Chromecast app to fit better with its strategy of providing cast technology across more device. When the app ...
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U.S. TV Shipments Down 9% in 2013
A large portion of Americans are now perfectly happy with their (relatively) thin HDTVs. Consumers in the U.S. even skipped 3D TV for the most part, q...
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AMOLED Tech To Expand in the TV Market
If this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) taught consumers anything, it’s that TV manufacturers will be leaning hard on Ultra HD to s...
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Over 3 Million Ultra HD Panels Shipped Last Year
Television manufacturers are betting big on Ultra HD TV sets, pushing the technology hard to customers that are largely satisfied with their large-scr...
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CES 2014: LG and Samsung Show Off Flexible OLED TVs
With 3D TV all but abandoned and ultra HD set to take off this year, manufacturers have turned to the odd to impress attendees at this year’s Co...
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CES 2014: Vizio Unveils 120-Inch Ultra HD TV
Vizio this week has one-upped Samsung in what is sure to become an ongoing ultra HD TV size pissing contest. Just before the end of 2013 Samsung unvei...
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Affordable 4K TVs Are Coming Soon
With TV manufacturers now giving up on mistake that was 3D, the entire industry is now looking for ultra HD to increase TV sales in the coming years. ...
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Black Friday 2013: Check Out Deals From Walmart, Target and Best Buy
With Black Friday just two weeks away, retailers are beginning to release their ads, so let the chaotic holiday shopping preparation begin! Whether yo...
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4K TV Market Predicted to Take Off Next Year
Now that the 3D TV movement is essentially dead, manufacturers are pushing 4K TV as the next big reason for consumers to buy a new TV. With 4K content...
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4K TV Adoption Coming Along Slowly
With 3D TV a bust, the TV industry now set to contract for the second year in a row. With established markets now content with their current HDTV sets...
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TV Sales to Drop For Second Year in a Row
With 3D TV sets a failure and 4K TV content virtually nonexistent, TV manufacturers are offering nothing new to consumers this fall. Add in the fact t...
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75% of Americans Don’t Care or Know About Smart TV
TV Manufacturers are scrambling for a way to increase sales now that consumers have settled in with their HDTVs. While 4K resolutions and content are ...
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TV Sales Expected to Decline This Holiday Season
HDTV sets are now ubiquitous throughout the U.S., with high quality, low cost sets available at retail locations across the country. While good for co...
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LCD Panel Demand Weakening, Says Analyst
Tech manufacturers are now gearing up for production runs of fall and holiday product launches. Those plans, however, have not translated to high dema...
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LG Sells Over 100 of Its 55-Inch OLED TVs
That seems like a silly headline until you realize that LG’s 55-inch OLED TVs sell for over $10,000. That means those 100 TV sets brought in ove...
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