LG Sells Over 100 of Its 55-Inch OLED TVs

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That seems like a silly headline until you realize that LG's 55-inch OLED TVs sell for over $10,000. That means those 100 TV sets brought in over $1 million for LG.

The Korean electronics manufacturer has begun selling pre-orders for its OLED TVs, which it debuted at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. At the time, the TVs were reported to cost $12,000 and rumored to begin shipping in March 2013.

Now, Reuters is reporting that over 100 pre-orders have already been logged.

While LG's OLED TV sets are expensive, early adopters of technology are used to paying a premium for such showpieces. The cost of the TVs comes from new manufacturing processes, and the difficulty of packing in the OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology into an ultra-thin screen where LCD (liquid-crystal display) screens were once found. The new OLED TV screens are, according to LG, only 4mm thick.

LG's Korean rival Samsung was rumored last year to be preparing to launch its own lineup of OLED TVs before the end of 2012, but that prediction didn't pan out. Samsung did, however, show off a curved OLED TV set at CES 2013, leading to speculation that the company is more interested in implementing the display technology into its Android smartphones.

(via BGR)