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Tag: Trade

The Mall Is More or Less Dead, Says Legendary Retail Analyst Jan Kniffen
The mall is more or less dead except in 279 great cases where we've got fabulous malls out there, says legendary retail analyst Jan Kniffen. But the 1...
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Bad Guys Can Implant Malicious Functionality From Anywhere, Says Huawei Security Chief
You can talk about Huawei but we've got to make sure our communication networks are safe. The bad guys can implant malicious functionality in hardware...
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Kevin O’Leary on China Trade War: What Trump Is Doing Is Starting To Work
"Mr. Wonderful" Kevin O'Leary of SharkTank got some high praise for his comments in support of the Trump Administration’s trade actions in pursuit o...
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China Trying to Become an Economic Hegemon for the 21st Century
Steve Bannon, former White House Chief Strategist, discusses in an interview on CNBC the true objective of the Chinese in trying to economically domin...
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US in Competition with China for 5G Domination, Says James Jones
The US is in competition with China for 5G domination says James Jones, former Obama National Security Advisor. Jones says that 5G is the most disrupt...
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Rakuten CEO: Very Difficult to Use Chinese Venders for a While
Rakuten CEO Mickey Mikitani says he’s happy he didn’t choose to use Huawei and ZTE. “I kind of sensed the potential risk even if it’s only one...
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SAP CEO: We’re Doubling Down in China
SAP CEO Bill McDermott remains very optimistic about doing business in China. He says that SAP has a fundamental belief in China and continues to inve...
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Cisco CEO: Last Year We Blocked 7 Trillion Cybersecurity Threats
The CEO of Cisco says that last year they blocked seven trillion cybersecurity threats or about 20 billion per day. He says that by and large cybersec...
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CEO of Shipping Giant Maersk: Imports to the US Are Strong
Despite the current trade climate imports to the US remain strong and are currently rising according to Soren Skou, CEO of A.P. Moller - Maersk, the w...
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Former Microsoft COO Concerned About US Universities vs. China: ‘The Big Risk for Tech is Talent’
Former Microsoft COO Bob Herbold discussed in an interview (below) the fact that computer science and engineering schools are now competing strongly...
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Scott Kennedy of CSIS: China Amex Approval is #fakeopening
Scott Kennedy, who is the Deputy Director, Freeman Chair in China Studies at Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), said on Twitter th...
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Trade Expert says Amazon Uses a Loophole to Import Almost Everything Duty-Free
Amazon is using creative tactics that enable it to avoid import taxes on almost everything it sells by making every item sold a single sale that is un...
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How Will Trump’s NAFTA Proposal Impact eCommerce?
With the renegotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) almost at hand, various groups within the three members of the trading bloc...
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State Backed China Newspaper Threatens iPhone Tariff if Trump Follows Through
The communist state backed China newspaper Global Times sent a warning shot to the Trump Administration threatening to take a “tit-for-tat appro...
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How Companies Can Solve the China Puzzle
Amy Karam, author of the book, The China Factor:Strategies to Compete, Grow and Win in the New Global Economy, recently was interviewed at Google̵...
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Rajon Rondo Mentioned in Trade Rumors… Again
When Rajon Rondo entered the NBA in 2006, he did so via a trade. Drafted by the Phoenix Suns with the 21st pick in the 2006 NBA Draft, Rondo was then ...
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Atlanta Braves Sign Pitcher Ervin Santana
Ah yes, Spring is just around the corner. While most of America is ready for Spring so we can finally enjoy some warmer temperatures that will actuall...
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Roberto Luongo Traded Back To Florida
Fans of Roberto Luongo are going to have to buy a different jersey soon, or at least bring out the one they had from years ago. The Vancouver Canucks ...
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Lakers Rumors: Pau Gasol Ending Season With Lakers?
Many guys in the NBA enjoyed their All-Star break maybe spending time with family and friends, watching the Olympics, catching up on some reading, or ...
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Luol Deng Acquired by Cleveland Cavaliers in Trade
Ever since LeBron James left the city of Cleveland, Cavaliers fans have been bitterly disappointed. The team tried to resurrect its franchise by draft...
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