Google Calendar’s New ‘Out of Office’ Mode Helps Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Google has finally taken steps to make their Calendar more flexible. The company has rolled out two new features that will allow users to customize their schedules on a daily basis and mark events as “out of office.” Our lives…

Look for Ways to Manage Your Social Media Time Better

Time is a valuable resource, and that’s why it is more important than ever to manage your time wisely.

"Typically in the SMB space, people have very little resource[s], so you see people trying to get a lot done with a very small staff – maybe one person in their marketing department trying to do it all," Kim Albee, CEO of Genoo told WebProNews in a discussion at the Online Marketing Summit. "And then you look at the world today…" You’ve got social media, your website, search engine rankings, lead capturing, and all kinds of stuff to worry about.