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Meta Spends $181 Million to Break London Lease
Meta has paid dearly to get out of a lease for London offices, spending roughly $181 million to exit the 20-year agreement....
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Cisco Kills Off Its Hyperflex Hyperconverged Infrastructure Line
Cisco has killed off its Hyperflex hyperconverged infrastructure line of products, blaming a changing market....
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Tencent Cloud Is Rolling Out Deepfakes-as-a-Service
Tencent is taking deepfakes to a new level, rolling out deepfakes-as-a-service, and creating virtual humans for $145....
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Google Exec Takes Aim At Microsoft Over EU Cloud Complaints
A Google executive is once again calling out Microsoft for charging EU customers more for its software if they use a competing cloud platform....
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Dell Backtracks on Remote Work
Dell has become the latest company to backtrack on its remote work promises, telling employees to be in the office at least three days a week....
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Google Reportedly Pays Apple for Chrome Search Revenue on iOS
In what is sure to be a problem for both companies, an alleged secret non-compete agreement has come to light involving Chrome on iOS....
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Mozilla Prepping a Non-Webkit Version of Firefox for iOS
Google isn't the only company prepping a non-Webkit version of its browser, with Mozilla taking similar action....
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Google Is Prepping an iOS Browser That Uses Chrome’s Engine
Google's engineers are reportedly working on an iOS version of Chrome that will use Chrome's Blink rendering engine instead of iOS WebKit....
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Major Google Investor Wants Company to Lay Off 30,000
A major Google investor doesn't believe the company's 12,000 job cuts are enough and is calling for 30,000 instead....
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IBM’s Entire AIX Development Is Now Based in India
IBM's entire AIX development effort has been moved to India, a stark change from just a few months ago....
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Relying on AI Assistants Leads to Less Secure Code
Developers that rely on AI assistants to help them end up writing code that is buggier and less secure than developers that don't rely on AI....
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Microsoft Bans Crypto Mining On Its Cloud Platform
Microsoft has updated its Universal License Terms for Online Services to prohibit crypto mining on its cloud platform....
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IBM Is Raising Storage Prices
IBM is raising the price of storage for customers outside the US, the latest indication of the effects of growing inflation....
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France Shoots Down Free Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace in School
France has shot down the possibility of schools using free versions of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace....
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The Pentagon Has a Bug Bounty Problem
The Pentagon has a bug bounty problem that can best be summed up with: the Pentagon is cheap....
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Hyundai Secures Its Vehicles Systems With Sample Encryption Keys
In what may be one of the worst examples of cybersecurity, Hyundai is being called out for using example encryption keys for its security....
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Supply Chain Issues May Be Constraining Azure Server Availability
Supply chain issues may be negatively impacting Microsoft’s Azure cloud service, constraining the supply of available server resources....
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GitLab Will Remove Dormant Projects From Free Accounts
GitLab is preparing to auto-delete dormant projects from free accounts in what is being billed as a major cost-saving measure....
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Alibaba Runs Afoul of Regulators, Could Face Delisting From NYSE
The US has added Alibaba to a list of companies that could face delisting from the NYSE over audit concerns....
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UK Heatwave Takes Out Google and Oracle Cloud Servers
The UK is experiencing record heat, and it's taking a toll on cloud servers and the websites they power....
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