Suite101 CEO Writes Open Letter to Google’s Matt Cutts

Google basically called out Suite101 as the poster child site of what its “Panda” algorithm update was aimed at. Reports have found the site to be one of the hardest hit, and while the site has often been mentioned in…

Can So-Called “Content Farms” Maintain Quality and Reader Trust?

Sometimes sites like Demand Studios, Yahoo’s Associated Content, AOL’s, and Suite101 are called names like "content farms" or "content mills". You can call them whatever you like, but the fact of the matter is that they’re attracting a lot of writers and producing a lot of content, which is appearing in a lot of search results for better or worse.

Suite101 Shares Thoughts on Google/Demand Media Patents

Google was recently granted a patent called "Identifying inadequate search content" that the Financial Times says appears to replicate part of the Demand Media approach to algorithmic content – a style of content production that is becoming increasingly popular among media c

SEO and Quality Key to Competing in the Long Tail

A while back, WebProNews had a conversation with RateItAll President Lawrence Coburn about how the long tail of search is getting more competitive. Companies like AOL and Demand Media are working on dominating long tail searches with content across a broad scope of article subject matter.