FTC Tackles Hard-to-Cancel Subscriptions

The FTC is tackling subscription services that make it hard to cancel or require users to call in to cancel.

Move Over Subscription Economy, Usage-Based Billing Is Here

Subscription pricing models may be an unforeseen casualty of the economic downturn, paving the way for usage-based billing.

Want to Use Your BMW’s Heated Seats? That Will Cost $18 Per Month.

If you thought software subscriptions were a bad thing, wait until you buy your next BMW and have to pay $18 per month to use your heated seats.

Twitter May Be Looking At Subscriptions to Boost Revenue

Twitter may be looking at subscription options in an effort to boost revenue and offset sluggish ad sales.

YouTube TV Latest to Pull Out Of iOS In-App Purchases

As more and more developers look for alternatives to Apple’s subscription service and corresponding fees, the iPhone maker will need to address concerns and come up with better ways to incentivize ongoing participation.

Apple Is Trying To Be A Subscription Company

They were a phone company, they were an ecommerce company, and now they’re trying to be a subscription company. You see that in their services and their service numbers. They have the largest distribution system on the planet probably other than Google. If they commit to it there is no reason they can’t be successful.

The Subscription Economy Is Taking Over The World, Says Gainsight CEO

“What’s happening is that the subscription economy is just taking over the world,” says Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta. It shows up for our consumer lives with Netflix, Amazon, etc. It shows up at work as well. Because of that, all of those companies just can’t afford to just sell to their customers and move on.”

YouTube Could Launch $10 Ad-Free Version in Late October

We’ve known YouTube is working on a subscription service that will allow users to pay a monthly fee to ditch all the ads, but the company has never explicitly laid out a date for said service. Now, thanks to a…

PornHub Is Trying to Get You to Pay for Porn

Pornhub, the internet’s most-popular site for free porn videos, wants you to pay for porn. Not any old porn, mind you. Premium porn. The company has just launched Pornhub Premium, a $9.99-per-month subscription service that gives you access to over…

Hulu May Let You Go Ad-Free for a Price

One of life’s great annoyances (Why do I pay for Hulu but still have to sit through ads?) may be about to get mitigated. Kind of. Hulu is reportedly thinking about offering ad-free streaming – but there’s a catch. Netflix…