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Facebook Stock Tops $30 for First Time in Months
Doesn’t adjust your monitors, Facebook stock is on the move. It’s been a long climb back, but Facebook shares currently sit at over $30, u...
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Twitter IPO Coming by Year’s End Says Analyst
Another analyst has weighed in the expected Twitter IPO, and he thinks that it’s going to come sooner than others have predicted. Sam Hamadeh, C...
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Amazon Record High Attributed To Morgan Stanley Comments
Amazon stock hit a record high on Monday, reaching as high as $269.30 at one point. Bloomberg attributes the spike to statements made by Morgan Stanel...
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Twitter Valued at $11 Billion, IPO Coming in 2014 Says Analyst
Soon after Facebook filed its documents and made its intentions to go public known, people started speculating about when Twitter would take the plung...
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Sheryl Sandberg Sells Nearly a Million Facebook Shares
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has just sold nearly a million shares of Facebook stock, netting her just over $26 million. According to an SEC filing, S...
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Netflix Stock on the Rise Following Huge Disney Deal
Today, Netflix and the Walt Disney company made a pretty huge announcement. Starting in 2016, the company will be the exclusive streamers of the first...
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Google Stock Hits Record High On Monday
Google shares hit an all-time high on Monday, at one point reaching $748.90, according to CNN Money. As of the time of this writing, shares are at: $7...
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Apple Stock Hits All Time High As iPhone 5 Launches
Earlier this week, Apple announced that iPhone 5 pre-orders had topped 2 million in the first 24 hours. That impressive figure broke the record previo...
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iPhone 5 Ship Time Slips to 3-4 Weeks
If you’re still looking to pre-order the new iPhone 5, I hope you’re not still looking to pre-order the iPhone 5. At this point, you could...
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Apple Stock Tops $700 After Record-Breaking iPhone 5 Pre-orders
Today, Apple has done something that puts the company in rarified air. In after hours trading, the company briefly broke the $700 barrier following th...
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Apple Stock Soars as iPhone 5 Sells Out
Apple stock is currently sitting at record highs, thanks to enthusiasm over their new iPhone 5, which was just unveiled earlier this week. Instead of ...
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iPhone 5 Ship Time Slips to Two Weeks on
As expected, Apple’s brand new phone is already showing signs that it’s going to be popular. Pre-orders for the new iPhone 5 began early t...
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Mark Zuckerberg Won’t Be Selling FB Shares Anytime Soon
Facebook has filed an 8-K document with the SEC indicating that it will not move forward with a secondary stock offering, but will pay taxes on RSUs, ...
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Facebook Stock Flirting With Going Under $18
To say Facebook stock has struggled since their May IPO is an understatement, and the company continues to see the price fall on the heels of a report...
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Facebook Stock Sits At Just Over Half of Initial Price
For the last ten days, Facebook stock has hovered between $19.10 and $19.50 a share. In fact, the last time that it closed over $20 was exactly ten da...
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Help Zuckerberg Snatch Coins, Avoid Stock Plunge with New Game
As of the writing of this article, Facebook stock sits at $19.44 a share, which means that it is a little over half of the original opening price of $...
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Apple Stock: Shares Soar Ahead Of iPhone 5 Release Date
The rumored iPhone 5 release date is getting closer, and as investors anticipate the device’s launch, Apple’s stock continues to soar. Now...
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Facebook Stock Slides, Zuck Grills Steaks
It must be a rather tense time for Zuckerberg and crew, as Facebook stock continues to plunge. Last week, the “lockup” period ended, allow...
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Groupon Shares Hit Their Lowest Ever
Groupon shares have reached their lowest point since the company has been public. As of the time of this writing, shares are sitting at $5.55, down 26...
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LinkedIn Stock: Look How Well It’s Doing
It’s really quite remarkable how well LinkedIn stock is performing, especially considering that Facebook’s (the world’s biggest soci...
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