Susan Bennett is the Voice of Siri, CNN Confirms


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While Apple won't validate the information, CNN confirms that they have, indeed, found Siri. According to the news network, Siri is actually a middle-aged woman who ironically resides in Atlanta, right in the CNN proximity. The voice-over artist's name is Susan Bennett.

After the technology blog, Verge, released a video feature on the origin of Siri's voice, speculation began to rise in regards to who was the actual voice. Immediately speculation was aimed at another voice-over actor, Allison Dufty, who deftly denied the claims. Then, Bennett decided to come forth. After conducting an extensive audio forensic investigation, CNN was able to confirm that Bennett's voice is an “identical – 100-percent match” with Siri's.

For those who don't know exactly who Siri its, she's actually not a woman – not even a human being for that matter. Siri is a virtual personal assistant and knowledge navigating software agent introduced by the Apple Corporation. Siri, which suitably means, “beautiful woman that leads you to victory,” was implemented as a feature on iOS 5. She enables Apple users to make verbal commands for sending text messages, and placing calls. In addition to basic instruction, Apple users can also perform more technical tasks such as scheduling meetings, and requesting reminders.

One of the most unique aspects about Siri is that she's not just a virtual recorder to house information. She actually comprehends and responds accordingly as a human being. For example, according to Apple, if one were to ask Siri, “Are there any good burger joints around here?”, Siri would evenly reply saying, “I found a number of burger restaurants near you.” Siri is also programmed as a proactive component, which means she'll continue to engage in the conversation until you confirm that you desire otherwise.

Apple's motto is definitely true where Siri is concerned. "Your wish is its command."

Image via Susan Bennett Resume