California May Force Big Tech to Pay for News

California may join Australia and Canada in forcing Big Tech to pay for news content, setting up a major confrontation with Silicon Valley.

VC Keith Rabois: Tech Layoffs Result of ‘Vanity Hiring’

Venture capitalist Keith Rabois has harsh words for Silicon Valley, saying the recent layoffs resulted from a “vanity metric” of hiring.

Companies Fleeing California at Double the 2020 Rate

The COVID-19 pandemic has also opened the door for more remote work, making expensive Silicon Valley headquarters less important.

BP Pivots to Renewables, Slashes Oil Exploration

BP has reduced its oil exploration to 100 members, down from 700, as it focuses on renewable energy.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Moving Headquarters to Houston

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is moving its headquarters to Houston, Texas, a reflection of the changes COVID-19 has brought.

Trump & Tech: The Clashes May Not Prove So Dramatic

Silicon Valley thinks the election of Trump is a disaster, but some tech leaders are starting to realize that the real impact may not be so dramatic. From Christopher Mims writing at the Wall Street Journal: Mr. Srinivasan (Balaji Srinivasan,…

Google Starts Testing Password-Free Logins Using Your Phone

Passwords — especially weak ones or those used across multiple systems — can create all kinds of vulnerabilities and security headaches for people and businesses. The test was brought to light yesterday when reddit user rp1226 posted documents and screenshots…

Vietnam Visit from Google CEO Gives Hope to Local Startups

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s visit to Vietnam gives hope to people in the local startup community that they could succeed globally. Speaking to about 200 people in a cafe in central Hanoi on Tuesday, Pichai [pictured] said he did not…

Comcast Tests Gigabit-Speed Internet Service in Philadelphia

Google Fiber, the gigabit-speed Internet service that is slowly rolling out to cities across the country, may soon have some competition from an established service provider. Philadelphia-based Comcast has announced that it is testing a new protocol known as DOCSIS…

Silicon Valley Tech Companies Jump on the Super Bowl Bandwagon

With the historic Super Bowl 50 coming soon to that great entrepreneurial gridiron known as Silicon Valley, local tech companies large and small are getting in on the action. Headquartered smack dab in the middle of what SB50 host committee’s…