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Are You As Satisfied With The Google Experience As You Used To Be?
Research out this week from Foresee finds that customer satisfaction with Google (and other search engines and social networks) is down significantly....
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Yahoo Kills AltaVista, Axis, WebPlayer, Browser Plus, Downloads & More
Late on Friday, Yahoo announced that it is shutting down 12 products over the coming months. First on the chopping block is Axis, and it was killed on...
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FTC Updates Search Engine Ad Disclosure Guidelines
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has updated is guidance to the search engine industry regarding the need to distinguish between advertisements and s...
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Yandex Announces Homepage Redesign
Russian search leader Yandex announced a redesign of its homepage today. The goal, according to the company, was to make the most relevant information...
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Bing Tests Weird Competitor Links Under Google Search Result
Well, this is interesting. Bing ran a test, placing links to Facebook, Craigslist and eBay underneath its result for when the user searched...
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Blekko Makes “Donation” Of Search Data To Common Crawl
Alternative search engine blekko announced today that it is “donating” 22 billion pages’ metadata to Common Crawl, a non-profit foun...
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U.S. November Search Engine Rankings: Google And Microsoft Up, Yahoo Down
comScore has put out its monthly search engine rankings for the United States, looking at the month of November. Google sites made up 67% of explicit ...
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Blekko Launches New Suite Of SEO Tools
Blekko announced the launch of a new suite of premium SEO tools today. The suite features a re-designed user interface, and a number of new features. ...
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SEMPO Urges FTC To Review Search Labeling Transparency
The SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) Board of Directors has sent a letter to FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz regarding search labe...
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September U.S. Search Market: Google Up, Microsoft Flat, Yahoo Down
comScore has released its latest numbers for the U.S. search market. They show Google sites up 0.3% in September at 66.7%, followed by Microsoft sites...
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Porn Search Engine Launches to Make .xxx Browsing Safer
If your daily porn searches have led you to some of the more sketchy, unsafe places on the internet, a new search engine may be of interest to you. It...
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News Corp. Publications To Unblock Search Engines
Back in 2009, news came out that News Corp. would block search engines from some of its content, such as that from The Times and The Sunday Times. Now...
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Search Engines Remember 9/11 On Homepages
The major search engines are remembering 9/11 today on the tragedy’s 11th anniversary. Google has not put together an elaborate doodle or anythi...
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Is DuckDuckGo Gaining Ground on Google?
In recent years, the search industry has not changed a lot in terms of large players. Google has maintained the leader position with its ownership of ...
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Yahoo! Sinks as Google and Bing Rise
The comScore search engine data for April isn’t out until tomorrow, but Search Engine Land has an unnamed source that has given them a rundown o...
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Experimental Search Engine Removes Top Million Sites From Your Results
Do you ever feel the search results that Google yields are too mainstream? Are you looking to explore the cavernous, cobweb-laden outer reaches of the...
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Google Isn’t as Privacy-Friendly as it Once Was
When Google was first incorporated, their unofficial motto was “Don’t be evil”. And, for the most part, they stayed true to this phi...
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Bateflix Is Netflix’s Porn Recommendation Engine
Attention everybody who hasn’t discovered internet porn, or wants to see some nudity & sex in a real storytelling context (sorry, internet ...
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Vint Cerf Believes Google Could be Toppled
No, this is not an alarmist reaction to Google+ or anything like that. Instead, it’s an incredibly innovative person who understands there are f...
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Bing Search Quality Insights: New Blog Series Sheds Light On Bing’s Inner-Workings
Google recently started a series of blog posts highlighting various points of progress it has made in its efforts to increase search quality. The resu...
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