Scribd Previews Your Internet After SOPA

You have presumably heard that SOPA has drawn the ire of everybody. Really, it’s everybody. Everybody. More everybody. And, finally, everybody. The latest company to join the anti-SOPA movement is Scribd, the web’s largest publishing and reading site that claims…

Facebook Announces Further Instant Personalization of Scribd

Facebook announced today that Scribd has expanded its Facebook-based instant personalization. 

"While it’s rare we read together, reading can be social," says Facebook Platform product marketing manager Fran Larkin. "People share articles on Facebook, form book clubs, get book recommendations from friends, and debate and discuss news stories. Now Scribd, a social reading and publishing site, is making it easier to find great reads through the help of your friends." 

Scribd Utilizes Facebook’s Open Graph for Documents

Facebook and Scribd have partnered to launch a new product called Readcast,   a new "sharing toolkit" which will turn Scribd from a site where users can read documents, to a place where over 10 million users can share what they are reading via Facebook and Scribd in bookclub-like fashion. WebProNews spoke with Scribd CEO Trip Adler about the product.