Google Puts Real-Time Tweets in Mobile Search Results

Earlier this year, Google and Twitter made nice and struck a deal to bring more tweets to Google search results. Today, the fruits of said deal are going live on mobile. Of course, it’s not as if you couldn’t surface…

Google Analytics Real Time API Launches In Beta

Google has just extended an invitation to developers and marketers to take part in the beta for the Real Time Reporting API for Google Analytics. Google first launched real time analytics back in 2011. Since then, it’s been a must-use…

Mobile Commerce in Real-Time Is New Trend, Thanks to Zaarly

When Bo Fishback, Ian Hunter, and Eric Koester developed Zaarly right before SXSW took place earlier this year, they had no idea that it would get the response it has gotten thus far. Koester told WebProNews that they created it two and a half weeks before the show and decided to launch simply as an experiment. However, when it took in $10,000 worth of transactions within a two-block radius in 48 hours, they knew they were onto something.

8 Tips for Real-Time Video Blogging

WebProNews has been producing online videos for years now, but we recently started doing the real-time live video thing, so this subject hits close to home for us. We quickly learned that the difference between live and produced videos is quite great.

Would Google Archive the Web Like It’s Doing Twitter?

Google has launched a very interesting new search option, with its Twitter archive. What this does is let users search for a topic, and look at all available tweets about that topic in chronological order. If you want to see tweets about President Obama for example, you can do so by going to any year, month, or day and seeing what was said about him on Twitter. Google can do this since it has access to Twitter’s info, which allows Google to index its real-time Twitter results.

Collecta Offers Up Real-Time Stream API

Real-time search provider Collecta has released a new API program. "Starting today, developers can plug into Collecta’s network for free," a representative for the company tells WebProNews. "In light of the recent Tweetie acquisition, we believe that taking advantage of Collecta’s Twitter-compatible, 15+M source real-time network can give developers a real competitive edge."

If Google Indexing Goes Real-Time, What Will it Mean for Ranking?

Last year, we saw the emergence of the technology PubSubHubbub, which provides real-time notifications to subscribers of content when there is new content or updates being made. There has recently been talk about Google developing a system that would use this technology it its indexing process.

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YouTube Pulls Plug on YouTube RealTime

Update: YouTube has decided to pull the plug on the RealTime feature. The company wrote in the Help Forum:

We’ve seen some of you wondering what occurred to the Realtime Toolbar. The Realtime Toolbar was recently retired and is no longer an available feature on YouTube.

Big Changes on the Horizon for Digg

Digg Founder Kevin Rose did an interview with The UK’s Telegraph, and revealed that Digg has some big and "drastic" plans for redesigning the Digg experience. A couple of quotes from the piece: